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Chuangxiang CX-5500 fluorescence spectrometer method for rock and mineral measurement

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The CX-5500 spectrometer of Chuangxiang Co., Ltd. was used to measure the rock and mine spectra in the wild. Au 靶材, W 靶材, Rh 靶材等等,管压和管留可以自由调节。 The excitation light source of the spectrometer can be selected, Ag target, Au target, W target, Rh target, etc. The tube pressure and tube retention can be adjusted freely. The main features of the instrument are high spectral resolution, short sampling time, good repeatability, strong battery endurance, and easy to carry and operate. It can make a preliminary judgment on the spectral data at the work site, which is beneficial to field operations.

, 应该按照地物光谱测量的流程和精度控制要求来进行测量。 In order to obtain reliable and accurate measurement data for later library construction and spectrum inversion , the measurement should be carried out in accordance with the process and accuracy control requirements of ground object spectral measurement.

Field Spectral Measurement Method and Work Flow

Selection of measurement target In the survey area, the rock should be selected as the target of the measurement if the structural structure in each lithologic section of the stratigraphic unit is complete and the exposed conditions are good. Select typical deposits in the survey area for spectral measurement of alteration zoning. “φ字型”方法选择典型矿点进行蚀变矿物的光谱剖面测量,剖面布设垂直于矿体的走向,沿线采集不同蚀变类型的光谱曲线。 Use the "φ" method to select typical ore sites to measure the spectral profile of altered minerals. The profile is arranged perpendicular to the direction of the ore body, and spectral curves of different alteration types are collected along the line.

: The measurement requires visibility requirements :

10km The horizontal visibility required for measurement in this area is not less than 10km .

, 且测量过程中 ,云的漂移不会对太阳辐照度造成影响。 Cloudiness limit: The cloud in the measurement area is unobstructed by sunlight , and during the measurement , the drift of the cloud will not affect the solar irradiance.

: 结合测区特点野外测量时风力应小于 4 级。 Wind force requirements : Combined with the characteristics of the survey area , the wind force should be less than 4 in field measurement .

45 度。 Solar zenith angle: The zenith angle should be less than 45 degrees during the measurement period .

Dress code: In order to prevent light pollution, wear dark clothing, do not wear white, gorgeous and other reflective clothing.

10:00 16:00 之间进行测量 ,确保光照充足,岩石表面无凝结水或附着水影响。 The measurement method and work flow are measured between 10:00 and 16:00 local time in the measurement area to ensure that there is sufficient light and there is no effect of condensed water or attached water on the rock surface. 100% 的基线 ,然后对着目标地物测量,为使所测数据能与卫星传感器所获得的数据进行比较,测量仪器探头垂直于目标地物。 Before measuring the spectrum of each feature, calibrate the reference board to obtain a baseline close to 100%, and then measure the target feature. In order to compare the measured data with the data obtained by the satellite sensor, measure the instrument probe Vertical to the target feature.


Method for measuring rock ore by fluorescence spectrometer

Precautions for precision control Probe selection

, 选择合适的探头至关重要。 The spectral curve obtained from the rock and mineral spectrum measurement is the comprehensive spectrum of the rock . The mineral distribution and combination within the field of view of the probe must be sufficiently representative . It is very important to select the appropriate probe. ,观测距离较近时, 应选取较大视场角的探头进行测量。 When the range of target features is large and the observation distance is close, a probe with a large field of view should be selected for measurement. 5 °的探头进行野外岩矿光谱测量。 This time, a probe with a field angle of 5 ° was used to measure the spectrum of the field rocks and mines.

Measuring height

± 10 °之内 ,保证进行白板校正时,探头视域充满整个参考板, 根据公式一计算得到仪器测量高度为 135cm, 保持这一高度进行测量以便获取平均光谱。 During the field measurement, the surveyor should keep the probe perpendicular to the measured object, at least keep the angle between the normal of the horizontal plane within ± 10 ° , to ensure that the white field of the probe is full of the entire reference board when performing whiteboard calibration, and calculate according to formula 1 The measurement height of the instrument is 135cm, and the measurement is maintained at this height in order to obtain the average spectrum. , 仪器无法进行原位测量 ,先进行标本采集, 标本大小标准为 3 × 6 × 9cm ,再直接对标本进行测量,为确保探头视域充满整个样品, 根据公式二计算得到的测量高度为 65cm For special circumstances , the instrument cannot perform in-situ measurement , first collect the specimen, the specimen size standard is 3 × 6 × 9cm , and then directly measure the specimen, in order to ensure that the probe sight is full of the entire sample, the measurement height calculated according to formula two It is 65cm . : 每次测量之前应进行参考板的反射校正采用仪器标配的白板进行校正。 Whiteboard reflection correction : Before each measurement, the reflection correction of the reference board should be performed , and the whiteboard standard equipped with the instrument should be used for correction. 10 分钟 ,防止传感器响应系统的漂移和太阳入射角的变化影响。 And to ensure that each measurement time does not exceed 10 minutes , to prevent the sensor from responding to the drift of the system and the impact of changes in the angle of solar incidence. Avoid shadows: Surveyors should stand facing the sunlight to avoid their own shadows falling on the target. There are auxiliary information records of field rock and mineral spectrum measurement during the measurement.

Measurement frequency

20 条数据 ,以求平均值,降低噪声和随机性。 At each measurement point, 20 pieces of data were measured on the weathered surface and the fresh surface to obtain an average value to reduce noise and randomness.

Record auxiliary data

( ) 、单个采样点的位置描述、海拔高度 ( ); After each measurement is completed, the relevant auxiliary data that needs to be recorded for measurement mainly includes the following seven aspects: measurement information, location information, latitude and longitude ( degrees ) , position description of a single sampling point, and altitude ( meters );

Wild geological description

Including the description of the geological properties of the location of the observation point, the rock color, structural structure, mineral composition and content estimation, the main altered minerals;

measure time

GPS, 时间和地点用于确定每一次光谱测量的太阳天顶角 ; 测量时刻的天空状况 : 包括云的类型 ( 按照世界气象组织 WMO 的有关云种类 ) 、云覆盖的范围、太阳是否被遮蔽 ; GPS, time and location measured with the field are used to determine the solar zenith angle of each spectral measurement ; the sky condition at the time of measurement : including the type of cloud ( according to the relevant cloud types of the World Meteorological Organization WMO ) , cloud coverage, the sun Whether it is obscured ;

Meteorological data

( ) 、相对湿度 (%) 、表面大气压 (kPa) 、平均风速及其变化 ( 阵风 ); Including air temperature ( ) , relative humidity (%) , surface atmospheric pressure (kPa) , average wind speed and its changes ( gust gusts );

Instrument parameters

( ) 、光谱采样间隔 ; Including the angle of view ( degree ) measured by the instrument and the spectral sampling interval ;

Field measurement technology

, 序列号 , 及其校正日期、传感器距离地面高度 ( 厘米 ) 、传感器距离测量表面高度等信息并配以野外照相记录 , 便于测区的典型岩矿光谱数据库的建立及波谱反演工作开展。 Including the type of reference board , serial number , and its correction date, sensor height from the ground ( cm ) , sensor distance from the measurement surface height and other information and equipped with field photography records , which is convenient for the establishment of a typical rock and mineral spectrum database in the survey area and the spectrum inversion Performance work is carried out.

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