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AtomrayCX-5500 (H) X Fluorescence Spectrometer Alloy Handheld Spectrometer


product description
Technical Parameters
Application area
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X-ray fluorescence spectrometer alloy handheld spectrometer

Atomray Brand: Atomray

CX-5500 Model: CX-5500

Test samples: alloys and other metal items

性能特点 Performance characteristics of fluorescence spectrometer

1. Convenient to carry

The instrument is smaller and lighter;

Detection system

X-ray tube, high voltage generator and semiconductor detector (SDD) core unit adopts Peltier constant temperature cooling system, combined with digital multi-channel processing technology, to ensure the life of the core unit and the accuracy of the instrument measurement are not affected by changes in external temperature and long-term continuous measurement Impact. The X-ray tube has a small radiation dose and a long life.

3.High temperature detection

The analysis range of the measured elements is: lower detection limit ~ 100%, one-button test without matrix; equipped with high temperature test accessories, it can detect high temperature samples up to 430 ℃.


It has the functions of auto-diagnosis and fault report inside the machine, and can also realize self-calibration inside the machine without external standards. With USB port, Bluetooth, data cable, etc. for direct data transmission.

5.Password protection

Operation password protection prevents unauthorized use; the shutter automatically closes when the instrument is powered off or malfunctions; during the measurement process when the shutter is open or the X-ray tube is working, the LED indicators around the instrument flash to ensure safe use.

6.High-speed chip

High-speed processing chip, advanced algorithms and efficient software make instrument analysis faster;

7.Industrial touch screen

The industrial touch screen is still clearly visible under the strong light in the field, and at the same time, it avoids the danger of removing gloves in the special environment in the field.

检测系统 8.Detection system

The body adopts a non-slip, wear-resistant and streamlined design, which is very light and easy to carry and transport. At the same time, it integrates cutting-edge scientific innovations, including: new high-speed digital multi-channel technology, new brand identification system, and Super-FP algorithm, making CX-5500 (H) Not only the measurement speed is faster, the measurement accuracy is higher, the measurement consistency is stronger.

备用电池 9.Backup battery

Intelligent battery with MSBUS bus, real-time monitoring battery, backup battery can directly check the remaining battery capacity

10.Auto shutdown alarm

Standby when the instrument is not working, resume when picked up, reduce the power consumption of the instrument, and extend the working time of the instrument; In addition, the gravity sensing capability of the CX-5500 (H) makes the instrument automatically shut down when it is accidentally dropped, providing safety of the instrument When the temperature and humidity exceed the application range, an automatic alarm will be issued.

11.Different regional models

The pressure factor can be adjusted automatically according to the altitude, and the pressure model parameters can be adjusted by adaptive altitude response. Compared with the light element, the excitation effect is increased by 40%, and the rare earth element excitation effect is increased by 30%.

12. Battery insertion and removal

Supports instrument battery hot-swapping, which can be replaced in working state without shutdown

Create report

Users can customize professional reports: including company logo, company address, test results, spectrum and other sample information (such as product description, origin, batch number, etc.)

14, automatic induction

Built-in DoubleBeam ™ technology automatically senses the presence of samples in front of the instrument, improving the safety and protection level of radiation. And automatically adjust the display brightness according to the external environment brightness.

15.Remote maintenance

The device can be connected to the Internet, and the instrument can be set and repaired remotely

16.Quick assessment

It can combine built-in GPS latitude and longitude data and altitude data, and import third-party GIS analysis software to build a three-dimensional geographic distribution map of element content to quickly assess mineral reserves or geological environmental disaster areas

17.Spectrum analysis algorithm

CX-5500 (H) 's new built-in net intensity fitting algorithm optimizes the spectral analysis process, making CX-5500 (H) have extremely low detection limits comparable to large laboratory equipment.

18.Special light path design

CX-5500 (H) built-in Ultrashort optical path design, without the need for nitrogen filling, significantly improve the light element Mg, Al, Si, S, P excitation effect.

19. Special environment adjustment

Built-in omnidirectional environmental sensing system. The CX-5500 (H) can sense the surrounding environment changes in real time and automatically make parameter adjustments for accurate elemental analysis under extreme conditions such as high and low temperature, dust, dark and wet.

Application characteristics

性能卓越: 1. Excellent performance:

ppm 含量。 The element symbol is displayed in English and Chinese, with high precision and fast speed, which is close to the laboratory-level analysis level. It can visually display the alloy grade and element percentage content (elements can reach three decimal places) and ppm content.

一键式操作: 2. One-click operation:

1-2 秒钟,操作简单,即使非技术人员也可轻松掌握。 The entire analysis process can be completed in just a few seconds. The identification of alloy grades takes only 1-2 seconds. The operation is simple, and even non-technical personnel can easily master it.

无损检测( NDT ): 3. Non-destructive testing ( NDT ):

It does not damage or affect the performance of the tested sample, and there is no damage during the entire testing process.

分析软件: 4. Analysis software:

LOGO 的分析报告,轻松实现对仪器的远程操控;用户可编辑合金牌号库、添加合金牌号及企业自定义牌号;自动校准、诊断仪器故障;可通过互联网实现软件升级。 Professional management and analysis software allows you to easily set secure user passwords, customize, personalize and analyze reports with company logos to easily achieve remote control of the instrument; users can edit the alloy grade library, add alloy grades, and enterprise custom grades ; Automatic calibration, diagnostic instrument failure; software upgrades can be achieved through the Internet.

废旧回收及分拣: 5. Waste recycling and sorting:

Recycling and reuse of scrap metal, complex and diverse alloy types and materials, on-site analysis, detection and sorting. Make quick and reliable judgments for the purchase and sale parties during the transaction. Quantitative analysis of metal components such as iron alloys, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, copper-iron alloys, lead-tin alloys, mixed alloys, etc., as well as rapid material identification and sorting on site.

应用领域及安全、标准: 6. Application fields, safety and standards:

PMI ) 来料检验;库存材料管理;安装材料复检,预防在石化建设,金属冶炼,压力容器,电力电站,石油化工,精细化工,制药,航空航天等行业中,混料或使用不合格的材料会产生严重的安全事故。 Alloy material identification ( PMI ) incoming inspection; inventory material management; installation material re-inspection, prevention in petrochemical construction, metal smelting, pressure vessels, power stations, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and other industries. The use of unqualified materials can cause serious safety accidents. ANTM 、中国国家标准( GB )、 UNS 、电力行业标准( DL )、 API JIS GMP TSG 、机械行业标准( JB )等行业及标准。 Adapt to ANTM , China National Standard ( GB ), UNS , Electric Power Industry Standard ( DL ), API , JIS , GMP , TSG , Machinery Industry Standard ( JB ) and other industries and standards.

质量控制与质量保证( QC/QA )及有效防错( PKKA-YOKE ): 7. Quality control and quality assurance ( QC / QA ) and effective error prevention ( PKKA-YOKE ):

QC/QA )及有效防错( PKKA-YOKE )是必不可少的,混料或使用不合格材料必给企业带来损失。 In the metal processing manufacturing industry, the quality control and quality assurance ( QC / QA ) and effective error prevention ( PKKA-YOKE ) of materials (raw materials), semi-finished products, and finished products are essential. Mixing or using unqualified materials must give Businesses bring losses. A variety of manufacturing industries ranging from small metal processing plants to large aircraft manufacturers.

8 . ERP ): Data Processing and Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ):

WIFI 、无线蓝牙等多种方式进行数据传输,文件可采用 EXCEL PDF 等格式,用户可自定义创建测试报告:包括公司标志、公司地址、检测结果、光谱谱图及其他样品信息(如产品描述、产地、批号等);可提供云数据服务。 USB , WIFI , wireless Bluetooth and other methods for data transmission. Files can be in EXCEL , PDF and other formats. Users can customize the test report: company logo, company address, test results, spectrum and other sample information (such as Product description, origin, batch number, etc.); cloud data services are available. ERP )生产资源计划管理。 Enterprise resource planning ( ERP ) production resource planning management.

After sales service

1. Quality assurance:

H )手持式光谱仪使用最上等的材料和头等工艺制成,全新,未曾使用,并完全符合本合同规定的质量。 CX-5500 ( H ) Handheld Spectrometer is made of the finest materials and first-class technology, brand new, never used, and fully meets the quality stipulated in this contract. The guarantee period of the quality of the goods is twelve months, counting from the final acceptance date of the goods (commissioning).

2. Technical training:

H )手持式光谱仪产品的操作方法 CX-5500 ( H ) Handheld Spectrometer Operation Method

H )手持式光谱仪产品的保养方法 CX-5500 ( H ) Maintenance method of handheld spectrometer products

3. After-sales service:

XRF 分析仪器,为了更好的提供技术支持与维护。 Over the years, the company has sold many XRF analysis instruments around the world in order to provide better technical support and maintenance.

1 . service items

:为其全球范围内的产品提供售后服务。 (A) : Provide after-sales service for its products worldwide.

:为其全球范围内的产品主机提供壹年的保修期。 (B) : Provides a one-year warranty for its product hosts worldwide.

:为 X 射线管( X-tube ),探测器 (Detector) 提供壹年的保修期。 (C) : One year warranty for X-tube and Detector .

:所有维修过的仪器在更换部件后同部件问题提供壹年的续保期。 (D) : All repaired instruments will provide one-year renewal coverage for the same component problems after component replacement.

2. If the instrument fails and cannot operate normally, the customer can call the after-sales service hotline for repair; The repair method is as follows:

:网络维修:客户如果在国外或偏远地区可进行网络维修。 (A) : Network Maintenance: Customers can perform network maintenance if they are abroad or in remote areas.

:电话维修:客户打电话时尽可能的把不能操作的问题讲清楚,我公司技术人员可针对问题在电话里进行引导操作维修。 (B) : Telephone maintenance: When the customer calls, try to make clear the inoperable problems as much as possible. Our technicians can guide the operation and maintenance on the phone according to the problem.

3 Out-of-warranty warranty: After the warranty period, customers can enjoy life-long maintenance services.

4. Out-of-warranty benefits: Customers who have been maintained can enjoy spare parts discounts during the next maintenance.

Technical parameters and specifications


1.6Kg (with battery)


254 mm × 280mm × 79 mm

Ambient temperature

-30 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃.

Radioactive source

High performance miniature X-ray tube, silver target, tube voltage 45kV, tube current 0 ~ 100uA. The matching power is 1.8W, which reduces the amount of radiation to ensure safe use.


High-performance SDD detector based on GOLDD technology

scope of test

All elements from magnesium (Mg) to uranium (U)


Multilingual languages including Chinese and English

electronic system

533 MHz ARM 11 CPU, 300MHz dedicated DSP, 80 MHz ASICS DSP, special purpose signal processor, 4096 channel MCA, 128MB user memory internal configuration


Industrial touch screen, screen size: 4.3 "

Standard alloy analysis range

Quickly identify 31 common alloy elements

data storage

Data storage: internal storage ≥ 10000 detection data (including spectrum)

data transmission

The instrument is equipped with standard USB and wireless Bluetooth data interfaces, and can directly download measurement data and its X-Ray spectrogram in custom report format and EXCEL format.

Data printing

The data uses NITON's standard NDT computer software suite to customize the analysis instrument, set permissions, generate reports, and print analysis certificates.

Heat dissipation

The instrument is equipped with a special T-slot heat sink, which improves the heat dissipation performance of the instrument without waiting for the detector to cool frequently.


Combined with built-in GPS latitude and longitude data and altitude data, by importing third-party GIS analysis software, a three-dimensional geographical distribution map of element content can be constructed to quickly assess mineral reserves or geological environmental disaster areas.

Light path system

Ultrashort ™ light path design, built-in air pressure sensor, and automatically adjust the air pressure factor according to the altitude, the light element excitation effect is increased by 40% compared to the rare earth element excitation effect compared to 30%.

Radiation safety

Meet national environmental protection and safety requirements; when the instrument is working, the instrument comes with a warning light flashing reminder; the instrument has a runaway protection function to prevent misoperation to harm people.

Measured sample size

The wire diameter is more than 1mm, and the small diameter pipe is more than 2mm in outer diameter. The state of the material (surface) is flat, curved, rough surface, powder, clay, etc. can be accurately measured.

Alloy grade identification and

Component analysis mode

The database has more than 400 kinds of alloy grades built in, which can realize the identification and accurate measurement of the grades of low alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steel, nickel alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, cobalt alloy, titanium alloy and other alloys. At the same time, users can edit the alloy grade library and add alloy grades by themselves.

Induction system

The built-in power sensor can make the instrument stand by when it is not in operation and resume when picked up, reducing the power consumption of the instrument and extending the working time of the instrument.

Gravity sensing, when the instrument is accidentally dropped, it will automatically shut down to provide the safety of the instrument.

Temperature and humidity monitoring, when the temperature and humidity exceeds the application range, it will automatically alarm.

Built-in comprehensive environmental sensing system. It can intelligently sense changes in the surrounding environment in real time and automatically make parameter adjustments, such as adaptive pressure response to make pressure model parameter adjustments.

Optional functions and accessories

CX-5500 (H) Portable Test Stand

Holster, which can provide data cloud services, data can be automatically uploaded to the cloud server, data will never be lost, and combined with third-party software can be imported into ERP systems, warehouse management systems, etc.


Intelligent battery with MSBUS bus, real-time monitoring battery, and backup battery can directly check the remaining capacity of the battery. The battery complies with the transportation regulations for aviation dangerous goods. The battery complies with FCC certification, CE certification, and UN certification.

8 hours continuous operation on a single battery

Supports hot swapping of the instrument's battery, which can be replaced under working conditions without shutdown.

Standards compliant

Battery: CE certification; Enclosure: ROHS test; Machine production: ISO9001 certification; Test data: Calibration certificate of the national metrology and technical supervision department

Instrument complete set configuration:

Serial number

Product name






Instrument host

CX-5500 (H)





Alloy special test software



With password lock



Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof




battery charger

110/220伏 AC 110/220 V




Host power adapter

110/220伏 AC 110/220 V








power cable

Power Cord




lithium battery

7.2V, 6.8Ah, 49Wh



6 core


USB cable




Standard calibration block





Standard sample material report





Operation Manual




cleaning cloth




safety rope




Detection port dustproof film



Uses and applications

l Used in the field, non-destructive, fast and accurate analysis and detection of alloy elements and alloy grade identification

金属鉴定 / 废旧金属分拣 l Metal identification / waste metal sorting

管理中的金属生产,加工及制造铸造等 l Metal production, processing and manufacturing casting in QA / QC management

l Medicine and Biomedicine

l Identification of cathode materials, petroleum refining and petrochemical industries

l Thermal power plants, hydro power plants, nuclear power plants

原材料精确的元素成分分析及 PMI 鉴别,满足生产需要,确保过程设备材质安全 l Accurate elemental composition analysis and PMI identification of raw materials to meet production needs and ensure process equipment material safety

Fourth, analysis elements and models

的分析模式与元素 CX-5500 (H) Analysis Mode and Elements

Standard configuration mode analysis range, if there are special elements, you can add additional

CX-5500 (H)

Alloy detection mode: Mg-U; Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Se, Zr, Nb, Mo, Pd, Ag, Cd, Sn, Sb, Hf, Ta, W, 31 elements including Re, Au, Pb, Bi, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Ru;

Precious metal detection mode: Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Se, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, Cd, In, Ir, Pt, Au, Pb and more than 16 elements.

可分析的合金家族 Fifth, the analyzable alloy family

铁基合金系列(不锈钢、铬 / 钼合金钢、低合金钢、工具钢、无缝钢) l Iron-based alloy series (stainless steel, chromium / molybdenum alloy steel, low alloy steel, tool steel, seamless steel)

镍基合金系列(镍合金、镍 / 钴超合金) l Nickel-based alloy series (nickel alloy, nickel / cobalt superalloy)

l Cobalt-based alloy series

l Titanium-based alloy series

l Copper-based alloy series (bronze, brass, copper-nickel alloy, etc.)

高温合金(钼钨合金 l High temperature alloy (molybdenum tungsten alloy )

l Aluminum-based alloy

l Zinc alloy

l Magnesium alloy

l Tungsten alloy

Super-FP 算法无需切换模式即可准确分析出金属元素含量及材质! The configured Super-FP algorithm can accurately analyze the metal element content and material without switching modes!

手持式合金分析仪 (XRF)是锅炉、容器、管道、制造等高温高压行业对生产过程中进行材料可靠性鉴别(PMI)的重要手段。 CX-5500 (H) Handheld Alloy Analyzer (XRF) is an important method for material reliability identification (PMI) in the production process of high temperature and high pressure industries such as boilers, vessels, pipes and manufacturing. Identify metal materials in the production process of key engineering industries such as steel smelting, non-ferrous metals, aerospace, weapon manufacturing, and submarine ships. Identification of metal materials during the installation and construction of petrochemical refining, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, power stations, aerospace and other projects to ensure equipment acceptance, material acceptance, and meet engineering design requirements. It is a powerful tool for metal identification in the waste metal recycling industry.

CX-5500 (H) is widely used in on-site application scenarios such as quality control, material classification, alloy identification, safety precautions, accident investigation, etc., alloy grade identification, rapid analysis of metal composition, and solves the most basic raw material analysis problems of industrialization. CX-5500 (H) The handheld alloy analyzer integrates the most advanced scientific research and innovation, and is a powerful tool for identifying metal materials in the production process. At the same time, users can create their own personalized analysis system according to their own needs.

400种合金牌号,此外内置包括模具、电力、石油化工等特殊行业专业牌号库,解决特种行业应用时各个国家牌号换算问题,此 外内置两个扩展用户自定义扩容合金牌号库,能同时分析的合金多达 600多种,能分析超过一万种合金材料。 Built-in factory grade library contains 400 kinds of alloy grades. In addition, it includes built-in specialized grade libraries including molds, electric power, petrochemicals and other special industries to solve the problem of grade conversion in various countries in the application of special industries. In addition, it has two expanded user-defined capacity alloy grade libraries , Can analyze more than 600 kinds of alloys at the same time , can analyze more than 10,000 kinds of alloy materials.

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CX-5500 alloy analyzer three fold

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